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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
decided it was time for a CHANGE!

Still not sure if we are the right fit for your needs. Here are some stories of triumph, defeat and rejuvenation to help you understand what we can do for you!

Meet Laura D -

I never worried about my appearance or lack thereof, until I my first pregnancy. I gained upwards of 60lbs during that pregnancy. Post pregnancy I had trouble losing all the weight I gained and actually avoided pictures, choosing to stay behind the camera. I was not happy with my new mom bod. We then decided to have baby number two, how I felt about my body image did not improve.

Post preganacy #2 I decided to join a gym and start running. I started running races and joined a regular globo gym you can find anywhere. I wasn’t sure what to do at the gym so I started taking classes and met a friend. We loved the way the group X classes made us feel but were looking for more of a challenge. We decided to try crossfit, which lead us to Wisco Fitness Solutions. “Wisco Fit” introduced me to a better way of eating and training that I could add to my running.

I woke up at 5:15 am most mornings to go to the 6am CrossFit class. I did this for nearly 4 years. It was my only choice, as I didn't want to take time away from my girls. No excuses!

It's now been six years, I am down 40 pounds, 10 plus inches, and literal miles away from who I once was. I have worked training and eating into my lifestyle, I am committed to it, and that commitment becomes fun. My girls run laps around me, and I am on their heels. I wouldn't change one thing.

Meet Steve C-

My CrossFit journey: Just over 4 years ago I started dating this amazing woman. Never hearing anything about CrossFit before. I was a pretty beat up carpenter and had 5 shoulder surgeries and numerous others. I light up metal detectors in airports. My doctor classified me as disabled. My doctor instructed me not to lift anything over head and 30lbs at waist level. This was a huge issue and I was not going to accept this restriction for the rest of my life. One weekend this woman invited me to go to Minnesota and watch some of her gym friends compete at the granite games. I had no idea what to expect. I met several of her gym friends and they were so positive, welcoming me into the group. I watched these athletes of all ages compete and was completely amazed. I was drawn into the energy and spirit of the environment. I was most impressed watching the Masters athletes and at this moment I decided I wanted to compete at this level some day. That amazing woman brought me into the gym shortly after returning from Minnesota for a Saturday partner workout. Holy crap I thought I was going to die!! Well I didn't die. Now I was hooked. The coaches at CFM we're aware of my physical limitations and always came up with adaptations for the workouts. The members and coaches here are so supportive and really bring out the best in you. One year later I married this amazing woman. We even had a special wedding wod Saturday workout/ party hosted at our gym. The members are like a huge family and are a really close group of awesome people. Over the past 4 years of training I have achieved so much. I can deadlift 400lbs and jerk 200lbs overhead. The list goes on and on, I am faster and stronger now than when I was 20 years old and I continue to improve every day by working hard and listening to the coaching staff. Listening to the coaching staff is key. Just over a year ago I didn't check my ego at the door and ended up tearing my bicep and shoulder rotator cuff. I had a very successful surgery. My surgeon said it would be a year before I could even consider returning back to CrossFit. Shortly before surgery I attended a local CrossFit competition too cheer on my friends competing that day. I was standing next to my good gym friend "aka Dan muscle up Morrissey"and said next year we will be competing here. I rehabbed and worked hard and after 4 months post surgery I was released to return to CrossFit. My surgeon said that he never seen such a rapid recovery in someone my age before. Maybe there is something about this CrossFit and eating real foods. And 8 months later myself and my 2 teammates competed in that local CrossFit competition. I can't say enough how this place and it's members have impacted my life. Some of them are just not human and I want DNA tests completed. Donovan your first on the list. Several of the athletes at our gym inspire me every day. Father Paul who is in his 70's kicks ass sorry father I swore, but you rock. I want to be destroying workouts in my 70's. I could go on and on as most CrossFit athletes will do about CrossFit only if more people would listen and we wouldn't have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes in the world. I have set my goals for the year with coach Blue some I am right on the edge of achieving and others will take a little time and hard work. The main goal that I have set is that I will be competing in the granite games in Minnesota when I turn 50 in 2 years. I also must say my favorite movement at our gym is moving to and from the chalk buckets, sorry Blue I know it drives you nuts when I chalk up to do burpees. My second favorite movement is taking off my shirt. 48 years old with a six pack. All joking aside I love this place and "family" members.

Meet Kelley B -

I am a mom of two under the age of 2. I was an original member of Wisco Fitness Solutions when the gym first opened 4 years ago and LOVED every second of it. Wisco Fit actually helped me lose 20lbs and get in shape for my wedding. I had to stop my membership during my first pregnancy but was always eager to come back.

I rejoined in May of 2017, and it was if nothing had changed except the layout of the gym. I needed to feel fit after having my children. I now work from home which gives me flexibility to attend classes at various times during the day. I enjoy the variety of coaches that I get at Wisco Fit, both male and female, and their awesome individual styles. I also get such a huge sense of community at Wisco Fit. Each member truly gets to know one another and you feel as if you are working out with family.

I am someone who needs to be held accountable to get a good workout. I enjoy working with others and having someone guide us through a workout making sure we are doing things right and making every second count. Having my two kids took a toll on my body. I workout now because I want to feel strong and better myself for my children. So many moms lose themselves in their children and their needs, I was one of them. I decided I can do both- take care of my needs and theirs. Since re-joining the gym I have hit personal best almost every week and am down 15lbs!